My name is Dan Kalagher and I own Great Bay Wicked Websites. I’ve been doing websites and basic computer consulting for over 30 years. My company,  dgk Consulting, is located in Newmarket, NH – right on the Great Bay at Moody Point. As a small business owner, I know how difficult it is for small business owners to get professional help. This is particularly true for computer help. The issues can be overwhelming: How do I get a website setup? How do I register a domain name? What if I need a shopping cart? How do I deal with credit cards? How do I maintain my site? What about email addresses? Answers on my FAQ page. I can help. Some basic beliefs:

    • A small business’s web site should have a polished, professional look.
    • A web site for a small business shouldn’t cost thousands to build and hundreds to maintain.
    • As an example, a site like the one you’re looking at costs less than $500 to build and hosting can be as low as $25/mo (including one hour of maintenance work per month – free).

Feedback welcome.